"Your playing small does not serve the world. Who are you not to be great?"

Nelson Mandela

Executive & senior management coaching

We understand that being a Director or a senior manager in an organisation can be an isolated place. Executive coaching offers individuals in these positions an opportunity to explore their goals, their dreams and what they may wish to do differently, within the confines of a safe and secure environment.

This also provides space to talk about their doubts, fears and limiting beliefs working through options to thinking differently.

This type of coaching is known to give a significant positive impact, not only for the individual but also the businesses around productivity, efficiency, leadership, engagement and wellbeing for those involved.

We would usually agree a package of 4-6 sessions for Executives & senior managers coaching with the option to extend where appropriate.

"Jennie is an exceptional coach. She provides a wonderful blend of being incredibly compassionate and caring with laser sharp questioning that gets right to the crux of the issue. I gained hugely from Jennie’s coaching, helping me to address some very important issues. Thank you! "